9-Jun-2020 Latest News

Posted by Eric on Jun 9th 2020

Well Covid19 has sure put a damper on business for just about everything, including Model Railroads. We're still waiting on when this all is lifted so we can start going to train shows and start selling again. In the meantime, we picked up another printer and have started getting the HO scale models printed. It has presented itself with a lot of challenges when going from N to HO scale. The thickness of the walls just doesn't translate easily from N to HO. for N scale, I was making the walls about 2-3mm in depth. when that gets blown up to HO scale that goes to 3.5-5.6mm in depth, which is really thick. Each model has to be hand tweeked to get an accurate 2-3mm thickness in HO, but hopefully we're working through them.

We are happy to announce the Rexall Drug Store is now available in HO scale. check out the description in the store.

Lastly, I'm going to try to get better about updating the blog. Hopefully every Monday, I'll be able to get a new entry for everyone.