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Posted by Eric on Mar 20th 2019


It's hopefully now official, we will have a booth at the Plano Train Show in January. We sent them a check! Chris Atkins, the main guy for the show, was enthusiastic about us having a presence at the show. Now comes the hard part and that is replenishing the inventory and hopefully growing the inventory over the next month. 4 weeks isn't a really long time when each kit in HO takes about 4 days to get printed up. We are really excited about being able to be at Plano this year. The OKC Train Show did show us that a few modifications need to be done, not only to the diorama, but also to how the booth is set up. At OKC the Banner was able to hang from the back of the booth, for Plano, a mechanism will need to constructed to hold the banner in the booth. Additionally, a support mechanism needs to be constructed to hold the display stands vertical.

We have selected the next 3 building kits that are to be designed up for our product line. The first is a nice Optometrist's office in Harrodsburg, Kentucky. Second is on the square in Greencastle, Indiana. The third is a quaint little building in Denham Springs, Louisiana. However, there are possible usurpers of that one in Covington, Louisiana.  A nice gentleman at the OKC Train Show recommended something in New Mexico and suggested taking a look at old town Las Vegas, NM.  There are a couple of buildings that look very interesting and may be on the horizon soon.


The Oklahoma City Train Show is in the books. We thoroughly enjoyed meeting all of the people and the show people were great. We had a steady flow of people interested in our buildings and the diorama in the booth, which was exciting to see that others were interested in different buildings for Model Railroading. We did have a huge interest to see if we are going to make it into the Plano Train Show in Plano, TX in January. We are planning on attending, but we need to see if there is booth space for us. Thank you to all who made it by our booth in OKC and to those who purchased our kits.


Head's Up! SRM will have a booth at the Oklahoma City Train Show Dec. 7 & 8 at the Oklahoma Fairgrounds. We we be showing a diorama of both our N and HO scale models. The diorama is a table top version of a Fre-Mo single track unit. the module will be in the center of the table with display stands on both ends containing our N and HO scale kits for sale and order forms  This is an exciting premiere/world introduction for us.and hopefully will set the tone for many things to come.

We will have multiple quantities of our N scale kits and limited quantities of the HO scale kits. Order forms will be available for all of the kits for customers to take with them.  This train show is a "test" to see if SRM is proceeding along the right path and making the "correct" products.


Whew. It has been a busy, busy summer to Fall around SRM. We are introducing a couple of new kits: The Eroding Winds Record Store in Oshkosh, WI., and the Pittsburgh and .Lake Erie (P&LE) switch tower in McKeesport, PA. The kits are available in both N and HO scale. The Eroding Winds Record store features an inset front door opening and recessed side opening in the front and the rear. The P&LE switch tower features a a stairway with rails and large viewing windows on 3 sides of the building. A good friend of mine's great-grandfather, Tom Gibbons, worked for 50 years in the two McKeesport towers until his retirement in 1941. It's not clear when the switch tower was build, but it was probably around the turn of the century, The interlocking switch tower at Belle Vernon “BV” Junction is on the approach to the Youghiogheny River next to the 4th Avenue Bridge. The tower was built with a 20-lever machine in the Tenth ward to provide a clear view for switching of trains and trolleys coming across the dual track railroad bridge over the Youghiogheny River. 


It has been an interesting few weeks at SRM, in that we have been trying different production methods for developing our kit products. As part of this we have many copies of our production kits in a resin cast that are not up to our production quality. We are selling these kits at a reduced price without any warranty. These kits are cast resin rather than our normal. Polylactic Acid (PLA) plastic. These were developed as tests for various molding techniques and manufacturing processes. These kits didn't make the cut as good enough to be sold. The resin just did not work as planned.


We at Scale Railroad Models are active Model Railroaders with layouts of our own. We have been assembling kits from multitudes of vendors over the past 30 years and decided that there was not a great variance of model kits to be built in the current marketplace. 

Most of the building kits from Woodland Scenics and Walthers have been around for a very long time. The kits from Woodland Scenics are basically the same kits that Robert Lunde made for Design Preservation Models a long time ago. The Walthers kits are re-packaged older Cornerstone kits. Don't get me wrong, I love these kits and have built many, many of them and they are actively on my layout. I even have about 60 un-assembled kits occupying a 6 ft. shelf above my workbench (Cornerstone, DPM, Lunde Studios, Model Power, Bachmann, Bar Mills, etc..) stacked up to 2 ft vertically. 

I (Eric) felt that it was time to add a little variation to the classic kits that I have built so many of in the past. I have a 140 ft mainline N-Scale layout that has about 20% track still needing to be placed. The layout occupies an oversided one-car garage with it's own heating and air conditioning. The layout is built on L-Girder benchwork and will eventually run DCC. The mainline is a large loop that covers 70 ft. in each direction with multiple sidings and isolated loops around the layout. There are 2 large city scenes with large Union Stations to accommodate large passenger trains. The layout is a transition era 1952-54 fictional route with 2 a multitude of industries including a Steel Mill (Cornerstone Blast Furnace, Rolling Mill, Coke plant and Electric Furnace), 2 different Coal Mines (Diamond Coal and New River Mining), an ocean freight harbor, a large brewery (3 large buildings and the Grain tower, and a paper mill (Cornerstone Paper Mill, Geo. Roberts Printing, and American Hardware).There are 6 smaller communities with businesses and houses.

I haven't started on the scenery as I am waiting to complete the trackwork, but I've been collecting scenery materials and have enough to do the job. 

I hope you enjoy the chance to have a variety of new buildings for your model railroad. Since I model in N-Scale, the first set of buildings available will be in N-Scale. However, I've already started sizing them up to larger dimensions for HO and have many of the kits nearing a completed state in order to start shipping, but I'm taking pre-orders now.

Check back for updates on these and other kits that will be online soon.