Frequently Asked Questions

What Adhesives do I need to use assembling these kits?

  • Any cyanoacrylate adhesive can be used on these kits.
  • Plastruct or Tenax type of "space-age" adhesives can be used for the production kits
  • Texax or similar plastic welding glues do not work on the cast resin kits.

What Paints can be used on these kits?

  • Any plastic safe paint can be used. We have used Model Masters, Acrylic and Krylon plastic safe spray paints without any side effects on the model.

How were specific buildings chosen to be modeled?

  • Trips to the municipality where the prototype building is located.  
  • Internet searches for specific types of buildings or structures.
  • Criteria for checking if the prototype is generic enough to be utilized as a an alternative type of establishment.

 Do you Warranty or guarantee your products?

  • For our production units we will correct any missing parts from our kits.
  • Pre-Production Casting kits do not carry any warranty and are sold as-is.