Bordon's Creamery Available and more.

The Bordon's Creamery is now available. The first tries to get a good kit out of this were not very good in my opinion. I went back and reworked all of the clapboard siding on every model. I think it works much better. I'll be generating the first kits to be available by 6-Feb-2023.

With the rising price on rolling stock, I've also taken a stab at my first car. This is a 70 Ton ore car based on the 1921 US patent 1399746 by Argyle Campbell for the Enterprise Railway Equipment Company. I've made several FDM prints and I'm really not happy with the quality of the final product in N Scale. So to hopefully remedy that, Scale Railroad Models has purchased it's first SLA Resin Printer to go along with the 5 FDM printers we have. Stay tuned as we develop using this "new to us" technology.

Campbell Ore Car