New Product in the works!

The first ad in Cowcatcher is out there. I received my copy on Tuesday.  Our Ad in on Page 52! 

This month we started a new building I had in the works for a long time. It's the Keet & Rountree Dry Goods, 321 South Ave., in Springfield, Missouri. The building stills stands with the label at the top, but it is now a trendy night club on the bottom floor, and the entrance has been re-worked.  I've tried to model the 1894 version I've seen photographs of online. Keet & Rountree Dry Goods

I'm only doing the 4 story building on the left from this version of the building. On the current building the very top 1-1.5 ft has been removed. This kit will be available in N and HO Scale soon. The first pass of the front of the building looks like this: